These felt cut outs are sure to make the holidays merry and bright. In this sample club we have two design ideas to share: a laser cut miniature stocking gift card holder and laser cut felt shapes for creating a custom hanging stocking. As an added bonus, the gift card holders are reusable and can double as ornaments on the tree. Check out the video or instructions below and you'll be creating customized holiday cut outs in minutes!

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Materials Needed

We used a Fusion Pro 24 80 watt:
Vector cutting - Speed: 100% // Power: 25% // Frequency: 25%

Step 1: Prepare the Artwork

Start by customizing your artwork as necessary.

laser cut felt stockings artwork

Step 2: Determine your Parameters

Test different speed/power/frequency settings for your felt. Generally, you will not need an excessive amount of power to cut through this fabric. We used 100% speed, 25% power, and 25% frequency on a 80-watt Fusion Pro 24.

Settings Tip: Find a small area of the felt you won’t be using and test your settings by cutting a small square. This is a great way to fine-tune your settings for your machine configuration! Enter your settings within the dashboard, and send the job to the laser.

Placing felt sheet in laser machine

Step 3: Prepare your Material

Place your felt sheets on the laser bed, close the lid and run the job.

Laser cutting sheet of felt

Step 4: Assemble

After the job is done, customize and assemble your felt stockings together any way you'd like! Note that you will need to apply a heavy object to the stockings and/or felt pieces to ensure they adhere properly as they dry. We used a stack of wooden boards, but any heavy object will do.

Gluing laser cut felt stockings
Laser cut stocking decorations
Laser cut felt stockings

Where can you sell laser cut felt stockings?

  • Retail shops near gift card displays
  • Craft fairs
  • Online outlets

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